Summer Astronomy Sunset Safaris

Join us and an expert astronomer on our unique Ingram Valley Farm Sunset Safari.


This special, limited edition, Sunset Safari includes all the favourite sections of the daytime Safari, with a journey around the the farm to meet the livestock, an off-road journey to view the prehistoric features in the landscape, then, we’ll head for an elevated location, Cochrane Pike at 1,100 feet (335-metres) above sea level and we’ll observe the setting sun and look out for elusive noctilucent clouds, a feature of summer sunsets.

Later on in the evening as the sun sets and with some big sky views, we’ll watch the sun go down behind The Cheviot and darkness will wrap itself around us. This Safari will be a first of it’s kind in Northumberland National Park and we are so excited to deliver this unique experience here at Ingram.

This Sunset Safari Experience will be offered in June, July, August and September 2024. The sun sets late up here, followed by a long period of dusk and as the night sky begins to wrap itself around us, we’ll pause to watch the stars appear and then make our way back down from the summit to complete the Experience.

You can buy something special to celebrate the moment, so you could toast the sunset with some fizz, or simply stand and stare and enjoy the moment. Please choose the Sunset Safari Ticket, look out for the dates and book well ahead to guarantee your places on this remarkable experience.

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Can’t find the date you are looking for? We can add more dates if needed, so if there isn’t a Safari on the day you want, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to ensure you get to go on Safari on the day you want. 

Single tickets

At present, we cannot operate the Safari for just one guest. If you would like to book just a single ticket and we have space in the Traxter on a Safari that has for example 2/3/4 bookings, then please get in touch and we can make the booking online available for you.

Special occasions

The Ingram Valley Farm Safari is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or that special day in your life. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you get everything you want from this unique National Park Experience. You can purchase a bottle of Prosecco when you book your Safari, so you can celebrate your special occasion and make your own memories on your Ingram Valley Farm Safari. 

Safari services

Our Safari guides are assessed by and hold the appropriate Award in the use and operation of our All Terrain Vehicle. The Award issuing body is LANTRA. All our Safari guides hold a current First Aid qualification. There are disabled parking spaces at the Ingram Café and at Bulby’s Wood; the latter is 0.5 miles from Ingram Bridge car park. Ingram Café has a 5 Star Certified Food Hygiene rating Ingram Café and Information Centre have toilets and disabled toilets There are toilets and disabled toilets on the Safari route at Bulby’s Wood, 0.5 miles from Ingram Bridge car park.

Covid management

The Traxter, the vehicle that takes you on the Safari is cleaned and disinfected before every outing. It has a well ventilated and open cab ensuring plenty of fresh air is allowed to blow through and we provide hand sanitiser as well. If you have any questions about Covid, then please get in touch with the Safari team and we will do our very best to provide the assurance you are looking for.

Stay at the Star Barn

Surrounded by the stunning scenery of Ingram Valley in the Northumberland National Park, The Star Barn is very aptly named, sitting in one of the best ‘dark skies’ astronomy areas of the country.

Beautifully renovated, and with all the modern amenities you could need for a relaxing break, The Star Barn is a perfect spot for a couples or small family to get away from it all.