Our produce

We have award-winning produce, praised for its tenderness and flavour in the prestigious Q awards as well as being listed in the Sunday Times Best Fireside treats.

The low intervention, grass fed animals graze on varied grasses, heathers and varieties of clover providing a sustainable diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, that translates to high quality and nutritious meat.

Our lambs roam the hillsides as they would have thousands of years ago. Whilst these upland lambs are smaller than their lowland grazing counterparts, they work much harder for their food; foraging on heather, virgin grass and wild herbs resulting in a leaner and more complex flavour profile. This slow grown and outdoor lifestyle result in beautifully well-marbled meat. With fat as a primary carrier of meats’ taste the unique diet of the Northumberland valley provides a distinctive colour and depth of flavour to the meat.

Our venison, is sustainably sourced from Northumberland hillsides (farmed) or associated parks (wild). Both offer the same low fat and cholesterol health benefits as an exceptionally healthy lean red meat. This is hung for 7-14 days to enhance its’ beautiful natural flavour. The full traceability and assurance of our produce conforms to the highest welfare standards.

Not only do our rearing methods contribute to a unique and coveted tasting meat, but the grass-fed diet has also been indicated to contribute to healthier fat profiles (including omega-3) than intensely farmed or grain fed produce. Healthier fat ratios are associated with better cholesterols and reduced risk of heart disease.

View Academic Paper on Grass fed Beef (Butler et al)