About us now

The Wilson family works closely alongside the Northumberland Estates, Northumberland National Park, Natural England and Historic England as pioneers to protect the valley’s history-rich landscape under a National Pilot Heritage Partnership Agreement. This has resulted in a total of 1,300 acres being scheduled as an ancient monument – the largest piece of scheduled land in England.

Johnny Wilson

Ingram Valley has been Johnny's home for 70 years seeing him become a Councillor for the National Park and Secretary of State Parish Appointee for the Northumberland National Park.

Ross Wilson

Born and raised here Ross left to study Agri food marketing at university before returning, and also works closely with organisations to preserve the valley.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca moved from a successful career in National & International account management to become a partner in the farm, keen to contribute to the environmental and sustainability work the farm continually conducts.

“We farm an amazing archaeological landscape which is nationally recognised as outstanding and is a privilege to have. We are pleased to be involved in this new heritage agreement which will safeguard the landscape for generations to come.”

Johnny Wilson

“The uplands, peat, heather and old grass is a great store of carbon and we have to look after it carefully… with an increasing population and global warming we can foresee food shortages arising not just worldwide but even in the UK. In the uplands we can produce food from our farms of the highest standards, traceability, quality and low carbon footprint. We must look after the land, live for today and farm for tomorrow”

Johnny Wilson