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6000 years

Welcome to Ingram Valley

Situated amid breath-taking views of Northumberland’s Cheviot Hills, formed volcanically over 480 million years ago, the Ingram Valley has been farmed for thousands of years for its rich soils, fresh air and clean water.

Home of the multi award winning National Park Experience ‘The Ingram Valley Farm Safari’.

As seen on BBC 1, BBC 2 and Channel 5. Featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Independent, The Guardian, Living North, Your North East Magazine, Sheer Luxe and BBC Radio 4 et al.

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Robson Green BBC Feedback

We’ve had incredible feedback. We are now working to make our experience even more accessible.

“I really want to commend you for the work you have put into making your company accessible for those of us who are disabled or are carers for vulnerable people.

I found your information brochure so interesting and I really do hope other companies follow your lead!

You have clearly put a huge amount of thought into the issues which prevent disabled people from participating in activities and shown that with awareness and preparation, it is more than possible to help as many people as possible to enjoy nature.”
BBC Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes viewer feedback

“I hope you don’t mind me raising an additional area of concern for many vulnerable people and one that is a barrier to participation, and that is infection control. There are so many families who are still being ever so careful to avoid covid and flu etc. Simple activities like eating in a cafe if it’s raining, can cause real anxiety for vulnerable people. Knowing there’s an option to eat undercover elsewhere would be a huge bonus”
BBC viewer feedback

Accessibility update

We have just also invested in an events trailer as we’re getting so many requests for larger groups. We have wheelchair access on the new trailer. Please contact us for further information.

More information on the Traxter featured on BBC2 Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes can be found below:

  • You can book it exclusively and get the guide to wear a mask and gloves. Hand gel is provided in the vehicle.
  • We deliberately left the sides open so guests can inhale some of the cleanest air in the world.
  • We have a picnic either on the hill or in a marquee with open sides for fresh air.
  • The Traxter touch points and the audio equipment have been sanitised.
  • Braille available on Safari. 
  • If the weather is not for you we can postpone the safari or offer a refund.
  • If you have any more recommendations on how we can become even more accessible please contact us